Inspiring, Beautiful and Functional Kitchen Décor Ideas

Kitchen is a wonderful space. It has its own existence in a home. No matter what kind of house – big or small, it is incomplete without a kitchen. For those who are looking at giving their kitchen décor a seasonal makeover, there are a few ideas that fall well within the budget. No need to knock down the walls and spend a fortune on the so called renovations. Of course, if it has to be renovated, there is no other option than to hire a good contractor but for those looking for a change, below are few simple tips to follow:

Lighting – Yes, for those who think lighting is just a simple light on the ceiling, they might want to re-thing. Pendant lights could be a great addition to the ceiling. Choose the colourful ones in bright colors in contrast to the cabinetry. They will add a surprising pop to draw the eye from bottom to the ceiling. People will be less draw to the clutter.

Add Colorful bar stools to the breakfast counter – Bring some cheer into the kitchen décor with colourful bar stools. They are not just attractive for the kids but the guests as well. Play with different bold colors and team them up with the lighting mentioned above.

Paint the Ceiling and the floor – For those who are looking at a really major changeover, painting is an excellent idea. Paint the ceiling with a color that compliments the color of the cabinets. The floor painting doesn’t have to be messy, there are quite a few stick-on options available too.

Introduce Racks and Shelves – Kitchens, no matter how big they are, always fall short of storage. Explore the range of racks and shelves that are not just functional but beautiful additions too. With these racks one can fee up the cabinet space that could be used in a better way. Today, the online stores offer an amazing range of wooden racks, metal racks, vintage shelves and many more such beautiful stuff.

Showcase the Dishware – Don’t hesitate to showcase the dishware no matter how old it could be. Serving plates, dining plates, soup bowls, wine glasses, cake display racks and many more such beautiful dishware can be showcased away from the cooking area. This display could act as a central attraction to the kitchen.

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